Just Dance 2024 Edition

Follow the rhythm in Just Dance 2024 Edition
Follow the rhythm in Just Dance 2024 Edition



40 new songs and universes

Just Dance 2024 Edition offers 40 songs and universes, from the latest hits to favorites like “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, “Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny, “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody " by Whitney Houston.

The tracklist contains a variety of genres and eras from Latin music, rock, hip-hop to K-pop. You'll discover lively musical worlds with specific characters for each song.

Stay up to date with updates

The game is now an online entertainment platform that offers regular updates with new music and rewards throughout the year*. It doesn't matter if you or your friends have the 2023 or 2024 edition, all players are connected to the same platform and can play together**. And if you have both editions, you can find all the content in the same place!

Content to enjoy all year round

Keep an eye out for limited-time events offering free songs and playlists. Each season offers new songs, a progress meter and rewards.

Just Dance®+ Free Trial

The Just Dance 2024 Edition game also includes a free one-month trial to the Just Dance+ subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of songs (with more songs added regularly) with special benefits for in-game events. Dance to favorite songs from previous versions of Just Dance or new exclusives coming each season.

To purchase Just Dance 2024 or to explore its different versions, select the link below. You can also try two Just Dance 2024 songs for free by selecting Just Dance (the second option on the list).

Just Dance® 2024 Edition
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